Taylor Fascia and Spouting supplies and installs a wide range of spouting products to suit any project. Each profile can be combined with our fascia systems.


See our profiles below for specifications.


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With over 40 years in the business the team at Taylor Fascia and Spouting offer industry expertise, consistency and pride in delivery of our product and services to homeowners and trade. We are specialists in our field and are renowned for our fascia and spouting systems.

We use the Colorsteel range of products and materials, so you can choose from a wide selection of colours to suit your needs. 


Note: Contact us for a full list of currently available stock colours, and to see a more accurate physical sample, as colours on screen may vary.





The 125mm is a colonial style profile. It is tried and true and is suitable for most homes. The 150mm is a similar profile. It is a high capacity gutter and is a great alternative to a box gutter.


Sizes: 125mm, 150mm

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™, 0.50mm Copper

Capacity: 5800mm2, 10,000mm2



This profile has clean contemporary lines. It also looks great with external brackets on more traditional homes.


Size: 150mm

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™, 0.50mm Copper

Capacity: 6800mm2



This gutter also has clean lines that provides a higher capacity alternative to the Quarter Round coupled with a unique look.


Size: 150mm

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™, 0.50mm Copper

Capacity: 8700mm2



Our Box Section Gutter profiles are simple, square and linear in appearance and designed to manage high water flow rates.


Size: 125mm, 175mm, 300mm

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™, 0.50mm Copper

Capacity: 10,000mm2, 21,000mm2, 28,500mm2


For a more unique look  we can custom fold  gutters to specified dimensions with internal or external brackets.


Size: Custom Made to Order

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZM8, Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel.


Taylor External Fascia Systems are designed for new homes. We manufacture, supply and install two sizes of fascia that can be matched with any of our spouting profiles.


Taylor Fascia systems are a modern, cost effective, pre-finished option for the home. We also offer Taylor, Klass and Triline Internal Fascia Gutter Systems for renovations, extensions and re-spouts.


Sizes: 150mm, 185mm

Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™ 0.55mm



For full technical information on our fascia systems:


Taylor Fascia and Spouting has a range of downpipes to suit your requirements.


Sizes: 80mm, 100mm, 150mm

Materials: Copper 0.50mm, ColorCote® ZRX™ 0.50mm, PVC, COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™


Taylor Fascia and Spouting supplies and installs rainwater heads to compliment any rainwater system. Available in ColorCote® ZRX™ Colorsteel™ or customisable surface finishes to suit your project.


Material: COLORSTEEL® Endura®/ Maxx®, ZR8™/ZRX™, 0.55mm, Copper .55, Aluminium


Taylor Fascia and Spouting are specialists in providing repair or replacement services for both internal and external fascia and spouting systems. We re-spout/replace Taylor, Klass and Tri Line Internal Fascia Gutter Systems. We provide our full re-spout service with our own scaffolding. This allows us to be cost effective,timely and avoids long term scaffold rentals.

Some examples of our respouts, click to enlarge:


Conversions are an alternative to  re spouting internal systems. Internal fascia and gutter systems, in certain situations, can be converted to an external system. Please enquire and we can quickly assess the possibilities for your property.

TF Internal Gutter
TF Internal Gutter
Klass/Triline Gutter
Klass/Triline Gutter

TF Internal

TF Internal